Tsuen Wan Car Park – Nina Mall

With more and more vehicles in use, the importance of a parking place is reaching its peak. In fact, it is a decisive factor for many people when it comes to choosing a place to go. Some even look at the parking capabilities and availability before deciding to visit certain locations and that may be the factor that decides their visit. In the case of Nina Mall, the Tsuen Wan car park is outstanding so it is another factor that makes this mall peopleA’s favorite in the region.

The Tsuen Wan car park has around 400 parking spaces. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the mall without having to worry about their vehicles. If they present same-day electronic spending receipts, visitors can also redeem parking privileges at the mall’s concierge. In addition, Nina Mall provides an excellent valet parking service.

Although most of the benefits of the Tsuen Wan car park are available to all the visitors of the mall, there are certain advantages that only members of the VIP club can enjoy. People that join the loyalty program of Nina Mall can get free hours if they spend a certain amount at the mall. To get more information, members can check out the VIP Nina Club app.

Becoming a VIP member offers a long list of advantages of great use to frequent visitors of the mall. The representatives of the VIP Club encourage all members to collect points, share them with friends and use them to claim discounts and rewards at the mall!

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