Vascular Treatment HK is Available at a Prestigious Clinic

People with vascular issues in Hong Kong can find solutions even in the most complicated cases at Esteem Surgical Clinic. This reputable medical centre was established in 2009. Originally, it was a Specialist General Surgery Centre. Experts that lead the clinic were mainly focusing on the Vascular Treatment HK since its foundation.

Vascular Treatment HK at Esteem Surgical Clinic includes Peripheral Arterial Disease, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Intermittent Claudication, Arterial Ulcer, Diabetic Foot, and Gangrene Foot. Patients with any of the listed issues can contact Esteem Surgical Clinic and request adequate treatment. Specialists will book a consultation that will serve to diagnose the issue, check the overall health condition of the patient and then suggest the best solutions.

In the case of Peripheral Arterial Disease, affected patients can recognize it by fatigue, heaviness, and tiredness. They also experience cramping in the lower extremity while walking or doing exercise; the pain reduces or disappears with rest. There is no exact location of the pain for every person that suffers from PAD; the painful area depends on the artery’s site of occlusion. Most commonly, patients experience pain in the calf area.

Vascular Treatment HK is available to everyone in the region. The clinic has an outstanding reputation in Hong Kong thanks to the responsible approach and continual improvements. The medical centre regularly updates equipment so specialists at the clinic treat patients with advanced tools that meet the highest standards of the healthcare industry in the world. Esteem Surgical Clinic emphasizes the importance of prompt reaction when it comes to vascular diseases. Experts invite patients to book consultations and eliminate health risks rapidly and safely.