The Success of Bank of Asia (BVI)

Mr. Carson Wen, the Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia (BVI), is lately involved in a legal dispute with a former employee of his other company, FHL. With the false claims from the employee, Mr. Carson Wen has taken further legal action and appealed to Privy Council.

The entire employment dispute is however not relevant to Bank of Asia (BVI) in any aspect. Bank of Asia (BVI) led by Mr. Carson Wen remains its normal operation and takes a giant step forward to achieve their visions. Bank of Asia (BVI) have successfully made changes to the traditional banking methods via providing innovative FinTech solutions which are more cost-effective and user-friendly. In this regard, Bank of Asia (BVI) have become one of the leading banks in the world, winning more trust and confidence from companies, individuals and families on the banking and asset management services of Bank of Asia (BVI). Visit to know more about the updates on Mr. Wen’s case with the employee of FHL.

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