The founder of Bank of Asia and Sancus Group

Established by Sancus Group, Financial Holdings (BVI) Limited has filed the Notice of Appeal with the Privy Council in UK on the ongoing employment dispute with Chad Holm, who was Financial Holdings (BVI) Limited’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Carson Wen, the founder of Bank of Asia and Sancus Group, emphasised this employment dispute does not related to Bank of Asia and will not impact Bank of Asia’s daily operation in any way. Chad Holm was found involve in unapproved connection with competitors including activities that were similar to activities carried out by Bank of Asia and he was also found planning the setting up of a competing bank. He was also being sued in terms of breach of contract, breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duties with another two co-defendants. Legal actions were taken and appealed to the Privy Council in the UK at the end of 2020.

Sancus Group was a private investment company based in Hong Kong and established in 2007. Focusing on the development of new energy, logistics, food, finance and technology in third developing countries are the main business focus and missions of the company. It works closely with different entrepreneurs, start-up companies, private equity and other professional bodies to seize global business opportunities. Sancus Group’s Chairman Mr. Carson Wen, also a veteran lawyer with 30 years of law practice experience, has strong relationships with political parties and government in China and across Asia Pacific which allows him to bring Sancus Group to another level.

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