Take a 3D Campus Tour in Your Dream University

Do you still remember the day you went to your dream university on its info day? Did you enjoy walking around the campus and envisioning yourself studying there one day? Well, ever since the pandemic hit in 2020, many universities opt for a virtual info day solution. A reliable virtual info day solution allows universities to hold campus tour and webinars with ease. As much as it is important to enable a high level of interaction, a virtual info day solution also needs to be visually compelling. Take the campus tour for example, prospective students expect to enjoy an immersive virtual experience instead of a 2D floor plan.

When it comes to holding a webinar, do you know which platform to choose? An ideal webinar platform is all about facilitating communication and interaction. To give an illustration, audience should be able to interact via chat and respond to surveys and polls smoothly. Offering integration with leading customer relationship management and marketing automation software is also the common feature of a successful webinar platform. Sometimes, you may be holding an important large-scale event and you cannot afford dealing with any technical problem alone. Then it is important for you see whether the webinar platform offers Event Support.

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