Operations of Limited Partnership Funds

A Limited Partnership Fund is attractive in the eyes of many but only few understand its operations. In the following, a few reminders concerning the operations of Limited Partnership Funds in HK are provided. First, the general partners of Limited Partnership Funds must be registered non-HK company. Second, if the general partners in Limited Partnership Funds are non-HK limited partnership without a legal personality, they must appoint a person as the authorized representative. Third, the liabilities and management responsibilities of the authorized representative is that he or she is jointly liable with the general partner for all debts and obligations of the LPF. Fourth, speaking of an authorized representative of Limited Partnership Funds, he or she must be a HK resident who is at least 18 years old, a company, or a registered non-HK company. Fifth, as for a limited partner, he or she has the right to participate in the income and arising from the LPF but not the right to conduct day-to-day management or control over the assets held by the LPF.

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