WSET Level 1 – Starting Point for Wine Admirers Becoming Professionals

Are you willing to learn more about your favourite beverage? WSET Level 1 is ideal for wine enthusiasts that would like to explore this marvellous world more! Loving wine doesn’t need to stay on that level only; you can improve your skills, learn about all types of wines and impress everyone around you with your new skills. In fact, you could even make your way to the industry if you attend the higher levels upon the completion of the first one.

WSET Level 1 will teach you how to use your taste, smell and sight to explore wines. You will learn how to do food pairings and it will be a solid foundation for your future courses. WSET is one of the most prestigious courses worldwide. With CorVino wine school as a provider, you can acquire outstanding skills in Hong Kong!

After completing the course, you will get a certification that will be extremely valuable for your career. With the knowledge and techniques learned at WSET Level 1, your possibilities in the wine field will expand immediately. If you have talent that has always distinguished your taste in wines, a reputable course of this kind will be perfect to use your talents properly. Top-class educators will assist you on every step and you can rely on them regarding any concerns. After finishing the courses, you can always ask for further advice that will serve you greatly in your future career. Do not let your talent and passion stay at the beginner level – work your way to the top with CorVino as an ideal starting point!