Crisis Management Service in Hong Kong

Crisis Management in HK is one of the essential skills that a PR consultant should equipped with. When the company reputation is hit by negative or unexpected events, crisis management team of a company will go through a series of PR crisis protocol to deal with. What if you don’t have a PR crisis management team in house? MEMO Plus Production (MEMO Plus), an integrated PR agency with many experience handling PR crises in HK, provides crisis management training and crisis management service to companies. PR crises can be avoided if an organization is proactive enough to go through all the potential crises may happen to your company. Some situations are preventable if threats are identified and response plan is made. Every PR crisis response plan should be based on 5S crisis management rule: Shouldering, Sincerity, Speed, System and Standard and it should be unique to your organization. MEMO Plus, one of the best HK crisis management company amongst the field, helps execute and coordinate the response of a negative event. There are numerous ways to deal with a PR crisis in HK, as your designated PR crisis management company, MEMO Plus accesses the impact of a crisis and activates a series of response plan that is already communicated and simulated with top executive members of the company. It will then roll out emergency measures and keep stakeholders informed about the progress of the investigation and if solutions are made. In the aftermath of a crisis, review what did well and what didn’t and makes changes on the response plan to avoid same threats next time. To understand more, pleas contact MEMO Plus’s crisis management experts for more insight.

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